Our expertise within the food and beverage industry enables us to design solutions that meet the specific demands of this environment, ensuring that all systems meet hygiene and washdown regulations.


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Bakery Conveyors

Our bespoke bakery conveyors can be constructed using suitable materials to achieve the hygienic standards required by today’s food manufacturing industry. We can design and install conveyors to fit your existing conveyors systems, or design a complete new system.

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Collation Systems

We design, manufacture and install collation systems with multiple configurations and speed adjustment. From simple push button operation to fully automated solutions, we allow you to have full control of your production processes.

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Packaging Lines

Our packaging solutions are designed to meet the modern demands of our clients and can incorporate case packing, multiple conveyor systems for transportation, lift elevators, labeling, shrink wrapping, sterilizing and washing processes and automated inspection.

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Mixer Tanks

Fabrication of stainless steel vessels capable of mixing, holding and transferring gallons of liquids for your production processes, whilst ensuring the system is easy to clean and complies with all of the relevant hygiene standards.

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Rotary Turntables

We supply stainless steel rotary turntables that can improve the efficiency of your production lines and packing stations. We can precisely match the height of your conveyor for thorough transition and optimised output.

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Plant Optimisation

Plant optimisation is introducing automation by bringing production up to optimal level. This is involves analysing manufacturing processes, improving quality and efficiency and production output, whilst eliminating waste and reducing costs.

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